Tree & Stump Grinding

stump-grindingWhen a tree is removed, the tree stump is left in the ground and is unsightly and could be a hazard. We have stump grinding machines that will remove stumps of any size and in any location.

Stump grinding involves using a stump grinder machine that accurately and with precision grinds the remaining tree stump below the soil level with little or no damage to surrounding trees, plants and landscaping.

Using stump grinders enables the stump to be easily ground down and the debris to be easily taken from the site and recycled. See video below.

Once completed the tree stump will be completely removed enabling you to pave or grass the area. Our stump grinding service ensures the removal of any dangerous stumps to be done safely and correctly.



As seen in the video above Stump Grinding

Is extremely dangerous and hazardous and should only be undertaken by certified professional arborists. With all industrial Stump Grinding machines attention to detail and a safe work ethic is key to removing stumps in a safe and professional manner.